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It's not only product as well as performance expertise that brings value to our client's, it's the items themselves - items that must first meet Advanced Automotive's high requirements. As one of Missouri's leading performance supplier, we are laser-light targeted on offering only excellent items from the most reliable producers and suppliers. A common perspective of quality is required along with confirmed, technologically-advanced products and servicing abilities. Our connections with the major tire manufacturers, the most famous wheel creators and other performance items companies make sure we'll always have a lot of extremely cost effective alternatives available. We'll be able to offer you items that are right for your car or truck, your driving requirements and the circumstances in which you drive and will not be restricted to a certain product or too few wheel and tire alternatives.
How do you know what wheel will work on my car? We know a vehicle’s important component measurements inside and out. We use sophisticated electronic tools that allow our engineers to fit with extremely accuracy.  You can be assured of buying the correct tires to fit your driving style and needs.

Why do I need to re-torque the

lug hardware on new wheels?

It’s important to re-visit and re-torque your lug hardware after the first 50-150 miles of driving on your new wheels. The lug seats of the new wheels can compress and loosen up under the lug hardware as you begin to drive on them. Once this break-in period is over and you re-torque the wheels, it should not be required again until you remove the wheels for rotation or service.

Why don’t you have wheels

listed for my vehicle?

Proper size is more than a round wheel of an exact diameter. To properly fit a vehicle a wheel must have the proper bolt pattern, center-bore, offset, width and load capacity to match the measurements we’ve taken from the vehicle itself. If a wheel’s measurements and specs aren’t correct for a vehicle, it will not be listed in search results.
When Safety Counts, You Can Depend On Us! Advanced Automobile, is your Professional Tire and Rim Experts! we offer expert enthusiasts knowledgeable in providing friendly, precise fittings as well as performance guidance. In fact, we spend time training every year. This  training gives us the knowledge to help you choose the correct tires, wheels and balancing methods that fit your automobile. Keeping your specific driving needs and driving style in mind.



We have strict guidelines for the wheels and tires that

we offer so that you can be sure you are getting the

right set for your safety and comfort..